David Andrews is currently a freelance journalist in San Francisco, Ca. as a videographer, photographer and print reporter.

Previous to his cross country move, he was a videographer and multimedia producer with Advertising Media Plus, Inc. (www.ampsinc.net) in Baltimore, MD and a freelance photographer for the Baltimore Sun.

He is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University where he majored in journalism and focused in broadcast and visual reporting. In addition to visual journalism, he minored in Classics and Mediterranean Studies and earned a certificate of achievement from the John Curley School of Sports Journalism.

David sees journalism is an examination of the state of the human condition that exists in the world around us.  He portrays the success of society and tries to shed light on the unfortunate.

His work has been featured in The Baltimore Sun, The American Legion, SF Gate, Catholic San Francisco, Hoodline, SF Weekly, Ripple News, SFBay.ca, The Harvest Magazine, BeMore Photography, The Baltimore Social Innovation Journal, The York Dispatch, and The Warnock Foundation.

Relive David’s 2016 Picture a Day project here!

DLAmedia100 (at) gmail (dot) com

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