Video Journalism

Walking Casper
Paul Tortora turns heads each time he enters the Hayes Valley dog park with Casper on a leash. The 10-year-old cockatoo is Tortora’s service animal and the two have blurred the line between San Francisco oddity and community staple.

Notice: Video and image is property of Hoodline | Video, article and photos by David Andrews


Hung Out to Dry
“Football numbers” is a slang term used to describe long prison sentences, the duration of the sentence in years reminiscent of most numbers on football jerseys. Alcatraz Island is using its platform to display an art exhibit with football jerseys hung out to dry in an effort to start a dialogue about sentence lengths and their proportionality to a committed crime.

Notice: Video and image is property of Hoodline | Video, article and photos by David Andrews


Silver Bells: A Different Kind of Holiday Cheer
Accompanying himself on guitar and accordion, with a garland-wrapped kick drum and a hi-hat cymbal topped with a bobbing Santa Claus, Brian Belknap serenades passersby with eerie versions of Christmas songs. While his bolo tie and orange feather tucked into his fedora bring his ensemble together, his music is hardly a gimmick.

Notice: Video and image is property of SF Weekly | Video and article by David Andrews


Reindeer Spotting
Fresh off their whirlwind Christmas delivery schedule, reindeer Velvet and Tinsel are greeting visitors at the California Academy of Sciences, part of the Academy’s ‘Tis the Season for Science exhibit. But can they fly?

Notice: Video and image is property of Hoodline and Pixel Labs, Inc. | Video by David Andrews


‘Forgotten’ No More
More than six decades after over 37,000 Americans died in battle, a monument in San Francisco now honors those who served in the Korean War with the help of the American Legion. Just inside the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco’s Presidio, where 2,273 Korean War veterans are buried, the monument aims to educate generations to come about what is widely regarded as “The Forgotten War.” Video and pictures by David Andrews.

Notice: Video and image is property of David Andrews with accordance with American Legion, Inc.


Niner Nation on Kaepernick Controversy
San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand for the National Anthem in order to raise awareness for injustices of American Americans in the United States has sparked tremendous controversy. Even five days after the initial report of the incident, the story still dominates news cycles as some sites say the traffic from its coverage has been unprecedented. San Franciscans have watched as Kaepernick went from back up to starter, to Super Bowl contender to fighting for his job, so what do they think of his protest?

Notice: Video and image is property of | Video by David Andrews


The Importance of Paul’s Place
Paul’s Place has been a community outreach program in Baltimore, Md. since 1982. Working in a city that has become notorious for crime and violence, Ambassador Volunteer Michael Williams knows that in order to properly nurture the community, you must start treating the individuals with respect and dignity.

Notice: Video and image is property and Pixel Labs, Inc.


Death to Misconceptions
The beats that “Petey Pete” Burnes creates and the verses he records are both catchy and complex, integrating his personal demons with his cerebral view of the world. His ability to rhyme on the drop of a dime is jaw-dropping, but moreso because, as he puts it, “the way that he travels is too taboo.”

Notice: Video and image is property and Pixel Labs, Inc.


Crab CribShrimp Sale at the Crab Crib
One local west Baltimore seafood shop has gained accidental fame due to its mention in the Serial Podcast, which has been downloaded over 5 million times worldwide.
Notice: Video and image is property of The Baltimore Sun.



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